Please help with a song in Hebrew

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Hi, I am translating this song from Hebrew to Russian and I am stuck with the last stanza:

The stanza is this:
כמו עכשיו, עולה לראש וחם בפה
אומרים בשלישיות תרגיש יפה
זה לא יקרה אם לא נלך
כן עכשיו מהר גבוה ורחוק
תבין הכי פשוט הוא גם הכי עמוק
ולא צריך להסתבך

I understand each word apart, but being put together they give me a hard time to understand the meaning. And however there are two translations of this song to English, I'm still at a loss, 'couse those translations are quite literal.
1) First, "עולה לראש וחם בפה". I guess it is allegorical and can it mean something like "It got clear to me and I'm eager to tell now..."?
2) Then, it looks like there are several sayings, proverbs used in this stanza. I can't spot where do they begin and where they end in the stanza.
Is "אומרים" is the word that starts that sayings, like: They say: "...", "...", "...", "...". Or is it a part of the first saying?
If it's a part of the first saying, "אומרים בשלישיות תרגיש יפה", can it be understood as "When you hear three men saying same thing all at once, then it's a good sign for you and you'll feel good or get lucky"?
3) "זה לא יקרה אם לא נלך". Does it mean "It won't happen if you don't make an effort for it"? I found a similar saying in Russian, that literaly says "It's either now, or never".
4) Then goes "כן עכשיו מהר גבוה ורחוק". Is it a next proverb, or is it the plain text of the song going on? Literally it is quite understandable: "Yes now faster higher farther", but if it is another proverb, I guess it might have different meaning?
5) And the last one "הכי פשוט הוא גם הכי עמוק". Is it a saying, too?. Can it be understood as "Everything that may seem to you difficult, is simple in deed"?

My translation of this song is going to be rather poetical than literal, so I'd like to understand the inner meanings of all these phrases in order to make the translation as close to the idea of the song as possible. I would really appreciate your help!