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This video features a nice song by Yuval Mendelson and the Journey to Poland:

The description of the video already gives most of the lyrics - but not the last part of it. Would you recommend to add the song "as is" - without the missing lines at the end - or rather ask for a complete transcription?

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I would rather open a transcription request explaining that only the last part is needed and adding the lyrics you already know.

Alternatively, you can ask for a native's feedback here in this thread. Tagging [@IsraelWu] and [@Thomas222], hoping they can help you out with that.

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They are repeating this line at the end:

כן אם את עוד בקטע שלי

"yes if you are still into me"

which is from the 3rd stanza, 2nd and 4th line.

with some rhythmic non-words sounds right at the end.