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Привіт друзі!

Я ніко, я тут нова.

- Я з України
- Я розмовляю українською та російською мовами, та я вивчаю англійську
- Я приєднався тому що
- Я приєднався, тому що мій друг

Приємно познайомитись.))

Привет друзья!

Я Нико, я здесь новичок.

- Я из Украины.
- Я говорю на украинском и русском языках, и я учу английский.
- Я присоединился из-за моего друга.

Приятно познакомиться))


Hello friends!

I'm Nico, I'm new here.

- I'm from Ukraine.
- I speak Ukrainian and Russian, and I'm learning English.
- I joined because of my friend.

Nice to meet you))

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Welcome to our community, Nico! Have a nice stay around.
Please take some time reading our FAQ and our Rules.
Afterwards, you might start contributing (and being known by other users) by completing translation and transcription requests into the languages you know.
Last, but not least, happy holidays Regular smile

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Hi, Nico. Welcome to LT. I hope you'll enjoy every minute here as we do.
Best wishes from Azerbaijan. Regular smile

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Nice to meet you! And thank you very much for the warm welcome.)) I have not actually found my friend's account though...

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Καλώς ορίσατε! Or, as they say in English, welcome! We're happy to have you here. 

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