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Bonjour, everyone!

I found this site a few weeks back. I love it!

I live in America (most of the time). I frequently have trouble translating French songs that I have come to love. Zaz, Shy'm Indila, Nolwenn Leroy, Amel Bent, and others. I find French music to be absolutely sublime. I find very little to my taste in American music these days. Anyway, I'm hoping to meet some friends who share my passion for the beauty of the French language, the culture, and the music.


Brian (fanfare)

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Bonjour, Brian,

Welcome to the community. Hope you have a nice stay. I'm not fluent in French, but I'm learning bit by bit.

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I'm also a fan of Indila, as well as Kendji Girac. I can see what you mean about French vs American lyrics. The French songs I've come across seem to have lyrics with more imagery and metaphors, coming off as a lot more poetic. Whereas American songs are more blunt about expressing emotions or describing specific scenarios.

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Hi fanfare, welcome to LT. I too enjoy the beauty of the French language, but unfortunately my French is pretty limited these days. Regular smile Good luck on the site and I hope you have a good new year

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Bonjour, Brian
Que tu commences 2019 en fanfare ! [May you start 2019 with a bang!]
Which meaning of "fanfare" did you intend? It has several meanings in French, including of course the English "fanfare").
I too like the French language and French music - particularly George Brassens' songs and François Hardy's and quite a lot more.

There are lots of French songs on this site, including for example about 50 sung by Nolwenn Leroy, so you should have fun here.

Tom (michealt)

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