Hello, I ask, who, what, and how many languages speak?

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Hi, I'm Ferenc from Hungary. Of course my nativ language is Hungarian. I'm supposed to speak German well, but I can not use it for anything (nothing). On maternal terms all my relatives were German, but everyone was dead. 2. Foreign language is English, because it is a necessity. You can not turn on the computer without any English knowledge, almost everyone sings in English, and if a stranger comes along, ask something, 60% in English, 39% in their own language, and with handshake, 0.5% or less, or possibly in German. Language 3 in Russian, in Hungary was compulsory for everyone but no one learned to speak Russian. I've been studying for 8 years in the schools, I was an excellent student, and the little Serb who stuck me, encourages me to be afraid, but sometimes I turn from Russian. 4. Serbian, as I said, on Belgrade 1 television, I was captured by Serbian subtitles movies under what my mother translated. (I do not undertake it either because here in the LT commentary it is overwritten that it is full of mistakes what I'm translating from Serbian or from Serbian.) 5. French, because I love Louane Emera's songs, and I know him in the Beliere family film screening. By the French, I got it to learn other Latin languages, Because they are beautiful, grammar is easy, there is no word processing, but French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese would have a lot to do. Ricky Martins beautiful song the Vuelve took me to the choice of Spanish. How many languages do you think a lot of a languages for one man to learn? How many of these have to be perfect, how many basic levels? For languages for which writing is quite different (strange punctuation), for example, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic, etc. What motivates some people? I hope this was not too many questions at once. Anyone who feels that you can talk about such things, answer.

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Hi, I'm Buse from Turkey. So Turkish is my native language and I can speak English fluently. I also took German classes in high school so I know it a little. I started to learn Spanish 2 years ago because I love languages, it's common in the world and it's similar with English. Then since Italian and Spanish are similar I started to learn Italian as well. I can understand a little French because I listen many songs in that language and memorise them with their meaning. My dad is a Crimean Tatar so I can understand it too.

As for the questions, I don't think they have a correct answer. Everyone is different, people have different capacities. To me, it's better to know 5 languages well than to know 10 languages in basic level. Also I think more than 5 languages is a lot. But it depends as well. For example if someone knows 3 unrelated languages like English, Japanese, Arabic I think it's impressive and they know a lot.

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Hello, I'm Joutsenpoika and I come from France. My native language is therefore French. I lived in Finland and I've learnt Finnish to a point where I can use it to have a conversation, read articles, etc. Finnish is my favourite language and I'll keep on trying to speak it fluently, or at least I'll do my best.
Of course, my first second language is Engmish, it was kind of mandatory at school, and then I learnt it by myself. I have a very good understanding of Italian primarily beacause I can speak French and have studied linguistics. Italian is very easy to understand for French speakers. Then, we have German, which I have been trying to learn at school for years. I'm not profiecient in the language yet but I haven't given up on it yet. I'm going to live in Germany next year so hopefully I'll finally be able to speak it properly. To me, German is one of the hardest languages I've tried to learn, apart from Chinese and Ancient Greek. Finnish is easier for me, and appears more logical and regular.

Ferenc Mester, you wrote that 'almost everyone sings in English'. Well, I'd say that as you can see on this website, it's not true. It's just that we mainly hear English speaking singers on the radio or on TV, which is a shame because we're missing out a lot of things. There are many great artists who sing in their own languages (not in English) but that aren't broadcast enough outside of their linguistic communities.

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Thank you very much for the comments. You're right, Joutsenpoika, I think German is the hardest. My grandmother started teaching me, but she did not have patience for me, then she was introduced to a private teacher, but it certainly came in a lot, because against only she taught me. Helped me a lot, since I was working in Germany for a couple of months when I was a student, And the fact that I applied for a German to work for ten years, I was very prepared for the job interview and correspondence with relatives. I can not tell these all the other languages. I learned English alone. I had a good textbook for which I also had a record, I borrowed from a friend, I lent it to someone, but I never got back. But I've spent a lot of technical texts just using a dictionary. And listen to the songs while reading the original text and the translations together. I only study France and Spaniard with this latter method. If I were to join the Italian, perhaps the Portuguese, would not I combine them, or only one to learn at one time? Because that's why I'm here to learn, and that's why I'm translating. Of course I will first send it to the machine translator, but I will not leave it, and then edit it for days, and fix it to be correct.

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Hello Ferenc, welcome to LT. I'm Ellen and I can't really say "what" country I'm from because although I live in one longer than the other, I feel both are equal. I'm a native Spanish and English speaker, and have studied several of the languages listed on my profile.

I don't think English is always necessary for computers, they do come in a variety of languages and if I gave a computer to someone who only speaks Spanish (and the computer's language is set to Spanish) they can easily use it better than me (I'm not so good with technical terms in Spanish). Those who do sing or speak in English (other than their native language) is usually to reach a wider audience, especially if they're trying to make a name for themselves in the US or other English speaking countries.

I think it's best to learn at least 3 languages, 2 if you aren't really interested but feel it might benefit you depending on where you live (if more than one language is officially spoken). I don't think it's useless to learn several languages and only know them in basic levels, how else would you start in a language? The languages I know are mostly centered around romance languages since Spanish is my native language. I'm currently teaching myself two indigenous languages that are not even remotely related to anything else I know, so it's much harder for me and I'm always making mistakes (and there aren't a lot of texts out there to begin with).

Some people learn languages for fun or because they're passionate about it, some do it for work or because it will benefit them if they travel or move to another country. Every one is different, the only thing that separates them is how dedicated they are to learning and how far they want to go with it.

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Hello Phantasmagoria. It is true that if the two parents speak different languages, the nativ tongue is where he(she) was born, but the first foreign language from the other parent. The relationship of the specified country to the United States certainly determines the importance of the English language. For example, I used to work with specialized software in the workplace that originated in the US and was used exclusively in English to communicate with the machine. But anyway, since then, in English I've Hello Phantasmagoria. It is true that if the two parents speak different languages, the mother tongue is where he(she) was born, but the first foreign language from the other parent. The relationship of the specified country to the United States certainly determines the importance of the English language. For example, I used to work with specialized software in the workplace that originated in the US and was used exclusively in English to communicate with the machine. But anyway, since then, in English I've improved a lot undetected, because now I'm just doing translates just for fun. French and Spanish are just because I like some songs and I'm just learning fun. The Russian is also good if I practice, If I've learned it once but it is probably good to finish here because I did not take much advantage of what I knew.

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Hi Ferenc and welcome to LT! Hope to enjoy your stay with us Regular smile

As for the topic - I consider myself to be able to speak on a conversational level 5 and I can understand a few more without studying them. I'll split them into the 4 groups:
My native is Bulgarian, I've lived in Bulgaria until I finished high school. As this is a South Slavic language, due to my ability to speak a few dialects, I can understand almost freely Macedonian and the Serbo-Croatian group. I have never studied any of these, but I just understand them.
My second fluent is English - except the fact that I live in an English speaking country for almost 4 years (which developed my understanding enormously), I used to study it for 13 years before that. I never actually had to choose it, it is somehow "compulsory" to have any knowledge in countries with less-known languages.
Then I combine French and Italian under the Romance group. I've done Italian for 8 years at school, I know the grammar (and still remember it!) almost perfectly; however, I have very limited speaking abilities due to the system we had, focused on writing/reading. I can speak conversational French, I took courses at university and have studied it on my own. The thing that puts me down is the writing, as I feel like my speaking/listening is more developed.
And lastly, not belonging to any group - Albanian. It is actually a fascinating mix of Turkish, Balkan languages, some Italian (or Latin?), some English, some... don't know what else, maybe it's just me knowing a few languages and finding parallels. I love it, it's rare and sounds very exotic, and I am proud I've learned everything I know by myself.

No languages are "too many". The more you know, the better you learn any other new one. Even with basic knowledge, if you've build a good foundation, you may continue one day. My main motivation has always been understanding music in a different language and being able to communicate with even more people.

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I think, it's not true, that "almost everyone sings in English". This is very offensive statement and it's not so really.


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Szervusz, Ferenc!
Welcome to the LT website.
I like languages---I would have tried to make a  career connected to them, but I never
considered myself talented enough.
So instead I enjoy them and link them to my hobbies in  the arts, literature, and films.
My real name is Ana, and people are welcome to call me Ana  if they want to. 
I just don't list it in public.
I live stranded in the USA.
I do not like to talk about it in public, though.

I was born and feel a Nicaraguan citizen, but my real homeland is imaginary
and all Spanish-speaking countries are dear to me. 
Unfortunately when it comes to forums, I'm either too shy/ nervous
or just not very  modern to use them constantly. I hit the unsubscribe button quite quickly,
as the internet today is rough and I don't want hate mail.
But the down side is that I miss out on the loveliness and kindness
of so many people, so I am forcing myself to be here now. 
I've studied and have studied about a dozen languages, but I only can "defend" myself in
 Spanish, English,  and to a lesser extent, French.

Now that I have welcomed you, don't mind it if I disappear (I tend to shy away once I speak and unsubscribe)
... but if you ever need ANYTHING at all, please PM. I am nice, I think. Regular smile
Just don't send me hate mail, then I get super sad and go offline for a week. Teeth smile True story.

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I am Sebastian, I'm 22 years old and I'm currently living in Romania('currently' because I want to leave very soon).
I've grown in a traditional Romanian family with some Aromanian roots but I have no more relatives who speak this language.. I'm very passionate about languages, especially about Italian(which I've been studying for almost 10 years now, and I've graduated in Translation and Interpreting) and Greek(which I really wanted to study during university but it would've been too much for me at that moment). I think that Greek is one of my biggest passions because of my Aromanian roots and because of my mother who always taught me to love Greek music.
Until now I've tried to study Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish, Serbian, Norwegian, Portuguese and some Albanian, though I kind of failed at all of them. At this moment I am a native Romanian, speaking decent Aromanian(rather good in understanding than speaking it, rofl), English(because I've studied it since second grade, though I still do terrible mistakes), Italian(maybe more than 'decent'), some Portuguese(because it's very similar to Italian and I also had the oportunity to force myself to speak it with a Portuguese friend from Portugal) and some Greek(which I'm currently fighting with because it's such a difference, lexically speaking).
So, yeah, I don't know, I guess it's a very fast ending, but this is what represents me, let's say..

Have a nice day, Sebastian.

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It may not be true. But it is true that I am forced to write in English here if I like it, if not. And I do not love to translate the songs here mostly from English, but I do not want it, but the most request is from English. I'm sorry I did not want anybody to hurt.

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Thank you. You are very kind. I only have answer to it, My mother was the only Bulgarian-language interpreter in city Szeged. She was involved in the Russian and the Serbian and perhaps took a textbook for his examinations.(Unfortunately she has been dead since 1992) Could this have been more to write in private?

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Hi Ana! Very cute post, and I really like the floral smiley. (I do not know how to do it.) You have confirmed that I have chosen good languages. Just have enough patience to learn. But this is very small and irrelevant to I write to PM. I would not want to bother anyone here, unless I ask for help or I can help someone I would write. Goodbye Regular smile

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Hello, dear Sebastian.You have the life before you. When I was young, I was struggling with German at home and with Russian at school. I literally struggled because of everything else I was interested in. I'll tell you, I'll be 60 this year. This is really just fun for me. From here, I'm just going to the tomb. But we have a saying: Good priest learns to his death. You, however, list a whole lot languages in your age. I wish you great success. A nice day for you, Ferenc.

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Sir, thank you so much and I wish you health, hapiness and safety!

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Hi, Ferenc! Now I understand your point. You wanted to say, that most of the songs, which have requests here into Hungarian, are in English. And here we are forced to write in English, even if we don't want.

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OK.I see, I've been asking stupid questions. I got the answers from myself. I do not want to forget the Russian either. I also understood, what I learned, as long they need to improve, improve I do not hesitate for more and more new languages. Greetings.


Hi Ana! Very cute post, and I really like the floral smiley. (I do not know how to do it.)

You don't bother anyone, you are very nice. How to do the smileys here:https://lyricstranslate.com/en/filter/tips
You write  * + give_rose + *  together (no +, close the spaces).
A friend taught me how to do it. I always go look at the list. I don't know them by heart! Regular smile
Welcome once again Ferenc, and don't say you're headed for the tomb, please. You could still live 40 more years!

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Hello. I'm from Azerbaijan. So my native is Azerbaijani. Therefore I can understand turkic languages. But I can speak only in Turkish fluently. (except my native). Well, if you're from Azerbaijan, you'll probably know some basic things in russian (because Azerbaijan is a former Soviet Union country), and I've studied russian a bit, though I have not used Russian since 2014, so my russian is pretty rusty, but I'm working on it again, so I'm able to understand slavic languages a bit, but I can only speak in Russian.
And well, english is an international language, so I also know it.
As you see, I'm fluent at Turkish and English, I've studied Russian, and I understand turkic and slavic languages Teeth smile (Though, speaking in Turkish is like speaking in Azerbaijani with an accent for me )

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