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Hello LT,

My name is Nikhol, call me ‘Stargirl’.
I am new to LT, and I just wanted to say hello to everyone.

About me:
I am an American-born girl who moved to Russia at age 6.
My native language is English, and I am quite fluent in Russian.
I am have been learning Kazakh for a while now, and I just began to learn Mongolian.
I joined LT to improve my language skills. I feel I am capable of translating Russian, Kazakh, and English. After a while, after I improve in Mongolian, I can also start translating in that language.

Anyways, nice to meet all of you! ^~^

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welcome Stargirl Nice to meet you! Regular smile

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Hello. Welcome to LT. Good luck!

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Hello, dear Stargirl! Welcome to LT! Your English-Russian bilingual status may be a real asset to LT, I'm sure. Besides language skills in multiple languages, LT is good for acquiring translating skills which will give you an advantage in whatever career you chose. Good luck, dear! Regular smile

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Ah, thank you so much for all of the warm welcomes!

Nice to meet all of you!
I will try my best to make some good translations here. Regular smile

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You're welcome and it's so nice to meet you, too. (:

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Hi there, Nikhol! Welcome to our community. Enjoy yourself.
Please start taking a look at our FAQ and our rules.

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Yes, yes.
I have already read the rules and viewed the FAQ.

Thank you for all of the warm welcomes!


Welcome Stargirl.
Nice to meet you and welcome. Best wishes and happy translating.

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Stargirl007 wrote:

I am have been learning Kazakh for a while now

What a sick wince of tences! Mayday! You've made my day! Lol Good luck, may the God bless you.

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