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Hi ! Il volo are my favourite band but they aren't famous in my country EGYPT
So I think the songs are translated in Aranic they will be !
So I need your help to translate it from spanish , italian & english to Arabic

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Hi! Go to II Volo's page, scroll down and you'll see "Add new request" button, just click on it, then you'll be wanted to fulfil some informations (such as which language you want the song to be translated, which song you want. An example). Or just go to the page of the song you want, scroll down, you'll again see "add new request" button. The process is the same. So, you don't have to create a new forum thread for it.

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Thank you ! I did this but the requests still not solved so I write this message

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You can contact her

She translates from Spanish to Arabic and English

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Thank you !

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I doubt that a few translations of their music will make them famous in Egypt tho

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I'm trying ..but why you think this ?

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