Is it accepted to post lyrics of English and Spanish versions of a song side by side?

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I wanted to see Escapar with the lyrics Enrique Iglesias sang for both his versions side by side. But I only found direct translations of each. Am I allowed to put the real lyrics of both songs side by side? The rules say you aren't allowed to post "covers" side by side. This wouldn't count as a cover I don't think, would it?

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No. You can't add a different version of a same song as a translation - that's against the rules. That also applies for soundtracks: foreign versions of a songs must not be added as translation, but as standalone lyrics.

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So what if happens is an equi-rythmic or singable translation is published as normal, and some time later it gets used as its language's version of the song ? There will now be a translation which has become a foreign version, does that mean it must be withdrawn as a translation?

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