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My name is Müjgan and I'm from Turkey. I'm here to improve my English and French. Later, I'm planning to do something in Italian too.
For now, I have 3 translations. They all are from English to Turkish. You can check. (Well, no one did it for now hehe.) Those are my first translations so they may not be good enough but I'm going to improve. Ignore my mistakes for now... (Of course you can point out my mistakes but you know what I mean.)
Well, let's explain my plans about translation:
I'd like to translate underrated songs because everyone knows that feeling: You listen to a song, you love it, you want to look for translation but you can't find because no one is interested in this song.
Yeah, the three songs that I started with are not exactly unknown but hard to find translations.
Anyway, I want to translate Turkish songs to English. There are some bands/musicians that I love. (Mor ve Ötesi, Şebnem Ferah, MFÖ...) I want to share these with everyone.

And, about French, I want to translate the songs of musical named Notre Dame de Paris. And also I'd like to do something about Serge Gainsbourg's songs. If you recommend anything, I can think of it too.

And Italian... My Italian is not very good for now. If I improve it, I'd like to do something in Italian too. Can you give a suggestion about Italian?

Well, I think that's all for now. I hope I can keep pace with this site.

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Nearly all songs of Serge Gainsbourg have been translated to English already... although sometimes the French lyrics had to be removed because of quarelsome authors... You might translate them to Turkish, but I won't be able to check the result, unfortunately ! But I guess there are many other French songs around, waiting to be translated.

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You can ‘request proofreading’ if you really want to hear natives’ opinion, but be open minded and be ready to accept criticism. IMHO, this is the best way to learn languages, even if it hurts your feelings once in a while Regular smile
Good luck on LT!

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Welcome to LT. Have a nice stay. Please read the FAQ ( and the Rules (

If you want to practice and enhance your linguistic status, you've come to the right place. Regular smile

A good way to start would be seeing the artist list, where you can see who performed in which language >

I suggest, for Italian, listening to Laura Pausini, Elisa, Eros Ramazotti, L'Aura, Tiziano Ferro... And read their translations.

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I think I JUST got to the last Gainsbourg song that didn't have an English translation yet (La Javanaise). I was so shocked that it didn't too. There are several requests for Turkish translation of Gainsbourg songs though. I saw 18! in total. Maybe that is something you'd like to do? Clearly, someone wants them and you are a native speaker of the language.

There is a song by Édith Piaf *kind of* about Notre Dame de Paris which doesn't have an English translation (if you look at it, you'll see what I mean) .

I don't really know much about Italian or Turkish music, so I can't help there. Maybe just search for your favorite bands and singers and check what is missing translations to English and Turkish. I added every French song not yet translated into English by certain singers to my favorites and will work through them unless they prove to difficult or someone else gets to them first.

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