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I have requested a transcription to some songs that i do not have the lyrics to. These are Najwa - Iroh Iroh, Najwa - Ichakaman and Emmanuella Catana - O Povestea Minunata. Why aren't i getting any feedback? Is it possible that it got lost through the other requests or forgotten? If so how can i possibly find a way to get someone to take a look at the song and get it done?

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Welcome to LT!
It's only be 5 days since you opened the requests and all transcribers and translators here do this as a hobby.
So the reason is that there just hasn't been any user who noticed your requests and was both willing and capable of taking care of them.

As you can see in the website rules you may open a thread in the forum with your requests if they are taking too long. We have no fixed value on what is "too long", but I normally say that after 2 weeks it's fine to open a thread.

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Ok Sciera! Thank you for your feedback Regular smile

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