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Hey everyone, I am trying to translate the song Hjerte Rimer På Smerte by Sys Bjerre and there are a few lines I'm struggling with.

Here are the lines:

Som kun er ude på du ved nok hvad/Hudrede træk med hårbørsten/Og så et iskoldt bad

"Så drenge tag jeg i agte!"

"Og uden at kysse de frække frøer" for this one, the only word that throws me off is frøer, it's slang I'm not familiar with

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I'm up to my eyes right now, but I'm pretty sure that last part means:
"frække" (naughty) "frøer" (frogs).

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"Who only want you know what / A hundred strokes with the hairbrush / And then an icy shower"
Hundrede has been misspelled as hudrede

"So boys, beware!"

"And without kissing the naughty frogs"
I'm pretty sure it's a reference to the fairy tale "The Frog Prince"




I thought frøer was slang because frogs didn't make sense but now that you mention it's a frog prince reference, it makes sense.

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I was thinking something similar with the fairytale and it struck me how you'd have to kiss many frogs before discovering the real one that'll turn into a prince.

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