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I'm trying to translate a Serj Tankian song into Swedish. My question is what's the best way of saying "let's end it all" in Swedish? If you need context to go off of, this is the song:



(Edit: I also don't know how to say "twice my size" in Swedish so I also need help with that line)

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Dubbelt min storlek?
I do not get" let us end it all ". Go to the finish or stop it now or what?

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I'm pretty sure the song is about suicide so

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Or at least there are elements of it in the song

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It's "låt oss avsluta allt".

As for your final question, you've two options. "Twice my size" is a phrase rarely used in Swedish, therefore, "större än mig" = "bigger/larger than me", would be more true to how we speak - however "dubbelt så stor som mig" would be a more accurate translation of the expression in itself.

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Thank you! Sorry I didn't thank you sooner, I didn't know notice this reply. I will go ahead and work on finishing the translation for the song.

Thanks again!

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