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There's a song called "Luna" it doesn't match any of the other songs with the same name. I don't know the artist. When I googled it the artist name was listed as "100Stelle."
These are the lyrics if anyone can please help. Thanks

Voglia di chiedere a te che cos'è stato
Forse ho sognato non lo so..non è accaduto
Eri una semplice magia..sono confuso
Cos'è servito..cosa ti ho dato..

E quel ripetersi perché capita a me
Ciò che ci univa ci divide..è fragile
Senso di ansia che ci assale..non fa dormire
Cos'è servito..cosa ti ho dato..

Ti ricorderò
Per tutto ciò che non cè stato
Per tutto ciò che non ho avuto
Perché in quei momenti eri come la luna
Con gli occhi un po' spenti vado avanti e vivo senza te…

E quel disprezzo che cè dentro i tuoi occhi
Come non fossi stato io dubbi e rimpianti
E se chiamarti servirà reggo agli istinti
Sono punito…cosa ti ho fatto

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I've never heard of such an artist, but I can translate it for you. I'm going to post the translation here asap.

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I want to ask you ''what was it?''
Maybe I was dreaming, I don't know... it never happened
You were just a magic... I'm confused
What was it for?... What did I give to you?

And I kept telling myself Why is this happening to me?
What kept us together now keep us apart... it's fragile
Sense of anxiety that overtakes us... it doesn't let us sleep
What was it for?... What did I give to you?

I'll remember you
For everything that was not
For everything I haven't had
Because in those moments you were like the moon
With dull eyes I go on and live without you

And that scorn inside your eyes
As if it wasn't me, doubts and regrets
And if calling you would help, I withstand to instincts
I'm punished, what have I done to you?

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Hi I never got a chance to thank-you. Thank-you very much!

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