Hey everyone!! :)

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Hi, I'm Merna and I'm from Canada. I know English, Arabic, and French (but I have the greatest passion for French!). I'm so excited that I found this website, because it's nice that I could help people while practicing languages as well. I am looking forward to interacting with everyone as well!

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Bienvenue Merna Wink smile

Hope you'll get plenty opportunities to practice languages with the people on this website. What kind of music do you like?


Hi Merna, welcome Regular smile

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Welcome, I'm glad you like the site Regular smile

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hmm i listen to all kinds of music. but i really like alternative rock, jazz, and acoustic. what about you ? Regular smile

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I'm a rap fan but I like pretty much everything. I love Japanese & Chinese pop music =)

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Hi! I hope you can help me with French!
I'm currently trying to learn French, I have a lesson once a week what's the quickest ways to learn French?

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I'd love to help! Just message me anytime Regular smile and the best way to learn french is to immerse yourself in it- watch french movies, listen to french music, read french magazines.

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Hi veryone! i'm From Cambodia but now i studying at korea .i know Korea language alittle. i want to know korean laguage so much. So how to? please help me!!

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اهلا و سهلا

I hope you like it here. Regular smile

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