the high grip 3 songs please translate

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I really would love if someone could translate these songs for me ^_^

And you can listen to the song Broken here:

Please romanji and kanji too if possible

thank you

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nobody? T_T

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I finished writing down the kanji and roomaji for Broken, you can find it here

真夜中のスニーカー kanji and roomaji ready!


Thanks. I'll start to translate tonight

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Woa thanks already for broken ^_^ only translation should be coming up!!!
But this is already great!

If lyrics are done.. I go make little present for the vocalist (^_^)

He was so grateful to me that I did bought this single!~

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Sorry for the late post, I had to go away because of New Year but anyway here are two of the songs, I'll finish the other one soon. (Or so I thought but I'm stuck, sorry)
Also, these are just rough translations since my Japanese is not advanced yet but I hope they help even if just a bit and I would be glad to discuss any correction or suggestion.


Being barefoot I stop breathing
I close my eyes
While walking through the shaking green garden
That is going to break

It's like the left side of my chest were
Being crushed by piercing pain, time stops
Nothing can be done with just this urge
I think of you and it's breaking my heart in two

Your lost fragments are
Fading in time
I'm holding on to them
Even now I hold on to them

I fell into the melancholy of the primary colours
I think of your smiling face from long ago
The headphones change your voice/ resound with a voice
Inside my heart, you are smiling
The depressing feeling of the creaking asphalt
In the corner of this room there are traces of you

Can your eyes see into my heart
Even from the distant sky?
Won't you please take aim at my heart with your eyes
And pull the trigger?

The dead growls spitted out from the speakers
Vanished into the bustle without words
Under Mars, which hangs from the universe
The dream-eating tapir twisted its mouth

That blue bird that flapped its wings beautifully
Seemingly died due to a fake shot
The shadow cast by the street lights, the melancholy of the underground
The purity with nowhere to go held a beautiful melody

The black sea, the red sky, I stand in the ruined land
If I look up, right there an ark waves its hand
Something resembling a razor carves it in time

Today too, the skull that was hung in the music score,
is clattering and singing somewhere in this town shaken by the wind
Rolling from the speakers!
Cry out until you break!
Rolling from the speakers!
Be it heaven or hell, it doesn't matter!!

The black sea, the red sky, I stand in the ruined land
If I look up, right there an ark waves its hand

Dance until you turn into ash!
Pounding in your heart, your heartbeat sings
The moon is rising
The sun is rising

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I really hope someone will help you out, because if the lyrics are 100% good enough.. I will pick BROKEN to make a nice PV.
so song/video, with subtitles too.
But it's good enough to start the PV (^_^) I got an great idea already!

and the other 2 translations I keep so long for myself, maybe I go to use them too for a video or something.. if Hibiki would love that.

so people please help out (^_^)

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There are parts of this I'm not sure about, and I haven't heard the song to help figure out if the tone I used is appropriate. Would greatly appreciate the input of others who can read the original, since I have such doubts. ... In other words, I'm not ready to post it on the actual lyrics page until I can make my peace with it, but here's my attempt at it for the moment. XD

Standing on a crossroads, I turn
And begin walking in scattered steps
I just bury you, unadorned with flowers—
You, whom I loved long ago—
Beneath the desert sands

Sneakers filled with nothing but mud
Sit on the tracks where midnight runs
And I just don't know
What tomorrow will bring

The glass sounds out as it cracks,
It bursts and sails away, out of sight;
You're f-cking with me!*
You're f-cking with me!!*
Yeah, just the way we were that day,
You buried us in the graveyard

A patrol car lights up the town
While clawing at the night 'til it turns red
We laugh for no reason
In the rain of a night that has lost its destination

Sneakers filled with nothing but mud
Sit on the tracks where midnight runs

An answer I didn't want is strangling me
An answer I didn't want is changing her**
An answer I didn't want is creeping up behind me
An answer I didn't want...

We just wanted to escape this boring town
Before we fell back into the daily grind...

*These could also be rendered less profane (e.g., "stop fooling around" or "quit joking"), but the intensifier -やがる and the katakana used on the lyrics sheet you provided make me think it was meant a little more fiercely, so I went with what you see.
**The word used here is あいつ/aitsu, which is genderless; I don't know what the song is actually about, so I defaulted to "her", but it could be "him" or even "it" (though I doubt it's supposed to be "it").

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Thank you

The feeling of this song is actually the same as broken.
not much difference.

I just can't say, here you go you can listen to it...
But what I can do is.. to cut a part out of the song and let you listen.

And people who can listen to this song.. are all noobies in English..
And as for me, I'm a noob in Japanese.

after all. I think I'm the only one who live oversea who got this single.
And the only one who really care about this Music project/band too.

And I really hope that you can check the translation from both other songs too!~

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