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In grammatical terms too ,it is an advanced language .Hindi language is studied with utmost interest in numerous universities in the world.The region of Hindi is more extensive in comparison to any other Indian language.

The sweet Hindi language can easily be spoken and understood.After Chinese and English, the number of Hindi speakers is highest in the world .Hindi is the soul of the country of India and The expression enhances beauty of Hindi.


Yes I do agree, it is a beautiful language and highly advanced; however, the fact that India or Pakistan (where the language is the Pakistani version of Hindi which was imposed on Pakistani people by the British Empire) cannot "sell" their languages outside their country, makes it unpopular although it has a large number of speakers.

I still cannot understand why India and Pakistan have to use English as their official languages. It is ugly, English has nothing to do with Pakistan or India. If anybody knows the reason for that please tell me.

When I watch Indian movies, it is very irritating to hear English words between Hindi words. It is a pity that they lack both capacity and courage to fend off the language of the exploiters from the Indian continent.

Member and music makes me move !!
Joined: 16.10.2012

very true !! but i think english is also very important for us to know coz its an international language.
hindi is beautiful....and all we know and need lots of song translation in hindi or from hindi.....!!

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