How Big is the Entire Lyricstranslate Website ?

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how big is the entire lyricstranslate website ?
and may i make a backup of the entire site ?
so i wouldn't have to download every single song when i add them to my private song database...

i spent the entire last year on this website basically and this year wanted to do a little more singing actually.
cause I realized I learn almost nothing by translating on here,
the stuff doesn't stick cause i do mostly database maintenance and only 10 % translating.
and when i translate i break the lines into bits, use google and patch em back together so
i hardly learn new languages which is what i actually wanted to do.



PS: i made a complete updated via ftp once for a genealogy website that afterwards disappeared and am glad i did it.


I think The Wayback Machine makes copies of websites, but they're far from complete copies. But interesting question, been wondering the same myself! Regular smile

This is as far back as you can go. Oh man, this is almost a religious experience. Well, maybe not, but you know...

Beginning to look like LT:

Admins, I hope you don't mind me posting these links!

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these versions seem to be old ones. the first one has hardly 5K translations LOL. we've come a long way, baby..

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