How would you translate this? [SOLVED]

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Hi guys! I need help with translating this line:

廣大い 空を 見上げる數だけ 強くなれるから...

According to, it means "I gaze up at the expansive sky so often I've grown used to its strength…" My gut tells me it's "I've grown strong from looking up at the expansive sky so often…" But I know I'm a dummy. It probably means something completely different. Could someone please explain it to me? (Or just tell me how much my Japanese sucks, I won't mind.)

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In my opinion, I think the translation would be something like this ... "Because just looking at the immense sky again and again, I will grow stronger ... Because I will continue walking"

I hope I've helped ^^

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The point is the perfect tense sounds to me weird because 強くなれる is a non-past form. What this line reads is s/he will become stronger as s/he gaze up to the sky again and again. So s/he is not strong yet at this point.

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I totally didn't realize it wasn't past tense… oops. ┐(°﹃°)┌ But it's clear to me now. Thank you!

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