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Many people ask us what Ju-Jitsu Kobushi is , how is it different from that Ju-Jitsu that many believe to know ?
why we all an relative, a friend or a person close to us practice a martial art, or perhaps because, at an early age? and how many among us, you are charged for some years a little judo or Karate. The Master Peter Spadaro, founder and Chief Kobushi Ryu School of Ju-Jitsu, would "do before you to climb on tatami and watching, not me to explain". And already, because the Ju-Jitsu Kobushi is done with the head and heart; head to understand the essence, the spirit; with their heart because they simply practiced, but needs to be loved. And like all things that go you love, it is difficult to talk about it, because the real love goes practiced every day, not just explained with lofty words and terminology Asian too often abused. We say then that the Ju-Jitsu Kobushi is a modern transliteration of ancient "Sweet art of Samurai". Nowadays takes the subway with the Katana under the overcoat.
Why be a true samurai today means being able to compare itself with the world around us and be first of all in tune with yourself. Because no longer be a samurai, you can at least try to be a Kobushi. In the Dojo of Kobushi Ryu Ju-Jitsu (do = way and Jo = place), the place where to find the "via", you teach through this ancient art to live the present. We practice a sport able to become our body and our mind and let us understand what the right balance. You learn to discuss with others through the knowledge of themselves and of their ability and skill. You learn to protect themselves and their loved ones.
And therefore, are taught the oldest martial arts techniques, but it always turned to the present.

In this Dojo you can learn:
Déclare-waza (standing combat techniques);
Katame-waza (techniques to fight on the ground and controls);
Atemi-waza (percussion techniques that both fists with kicks);
Kogeki-waza and Fusegi-waza (techniques of attack and defence);
Kaeshi-waza (techniques to counterattack);
Jintai-Kyusho (vital points); technical Renraku-waza (in succession);
Buki-waza (armed techniques including ken-Jitsu, bo-Jitsu, much-jitsu …)
But you can also learn : elements drawn from the code of criminal procedure concerning self-defence;
Traumatology and principles of  first aid; weight lifting and Gymnastics.

Tutors Kobushi Ryu Ju-Jitsu have all multiyear experience in Judo Ju-Jitsu and regularly meeting and training updates in various disciplines, such as Karate, Aikido, and Aiki-Jitsu, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, Okinawan Kobudō and Bushido Kobujitsu, in Italy and abroad. The Ju-Jitsu Kobushi is recognized by major federations of martial arts.

 師範ピータースパーダロー、彼は柔術の拳流のチーフであるのだが・・は、こうするだろう まず畳に上がる前に柔道をしてみよ、そして見ること、柔道をわたしが説明するのではない。そしてすでに、柔術拳は頭と心でなされるので、(頭は真髄を理解するためになされ、精神、すなわち単に練習するのではなく愛されることを必要とするので心をもってなされる)
そしてすべてのものはあなたが愛するところへと行く。そのことについて話すのは難しいが、それは本当の愛は毎日修行するところにあり、アジア人がよく乱用する単に崇高なことばや専門用語では説明できないものだからである。それで我々はこう言う。柔術拳は大昔の侍のすばらしい技を映したものであると。現代では(それは)オーバーコートの下に刀をもって地下鉄に乗ることであると。どうして今日、本当の侍が我々の周りの世界と比べられることができるのかそしてあなた自身とすべて調整されたなかで一番なのか。それは、もはや侍でなければ、あなたは少なくとも拳であろうとすることができる。拳流柔術(do=道 そしてjo=場所)は道をみつける場所であり、あなたは現代を生きるために大昔の技をとおして教える。 我々はスポーツを練習しそのことが我々の身体と心をなし、ただしいバランスとは何かを理解させる。あなたたちは他人の能力と技の知識をとおして他の人と議論することを学ぶ。あなたは他人そして他人のあいする人々をを守る。