Is it OK to add new song and create translation request to translate it myself later?

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Thought of adding new song and creating translation request to translate it myself later

Possible reasons:
- Its like a TODO list for translator
- Love the song so I want it's translation, but maybe will translate it again myself later
- Would like to translate a song, but I want to have someone others translation first

So, is it OK to do this?

Thank you!

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I would suggest translating it yourself on the side, like on a word document, then posting the lyrics on here for someone else to translate, and compare the two afterwards Regular smile

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There's no need to add requests as a to do list, when you go to 'My account' (located at the right) you'll find all the lyrics and translations that you've added in the past.
Only add requests if you really need them.

BTW: you can always edit your translation if you've made any mistakes.

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