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Ciao tutti!

I'm trying to give the best translation to this italian sentence into Spanish / it's ok to know the meaning in English too: "E tu che mi tiravi su con dei film stupidi senza dire una parola". My problem comes with this 'tiravi su" (tirare su), because I can't find the proper meaning. I have check it and it can be translated as 'cheer up' 'lift sb up'.. but I'm not sure in the context if could be translated like this " And you that cheered me up with..."

link to the song in case more context is requiered:

I have translated as cheer up, but I'm open to change it Regular smile

I would appreciate any help Regular smile Thanks in advance.

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I can see two meanings here:
"To cheer up"= me levantas el ánimo con películas estúpidas sin decir nada
"To raise a child"= me criabas con películas estúpidas sin decir nada

The second option doesn't make much sense and it would normally be "mi hai tirato su", but I don't know the context. Where is this from?

Edit: After having checked the song, it definitely means "to cheer up".

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Ok, so now it's solved Wink smile thanks a lot DarkJoshua!

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