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I've come across this one song I really like, and found a subbed video. One of the verses goes like this: 昨日、パンを食べました。牛乳、ちょっとこぼしました。 I understand it as Yesterday, I ate bread. I spilled the milk a little. I know my Japanese is nothing extraordinary, but the subs in the video say Yesterday, I ate bread. With a little milk to gulp it down, and I can't help wondering about it. Which of these two translations is correct? Or are both?

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Like you, my Japanese is nothing extraordinary (my Chinese is better, but that's not really saying much) but I think, depending on who is translating it, both could be correct.

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It could be both, I guess. こぼす most commonly means to spill, and you could certainly make a case that that's what's happening here. However, another usage of こぼす is to fill some container with liquid (usually water) for the purpose of cleaning it out. Though I don't really see it used the way the translation suggests, I suppose you could use that meaning to describe washing down something you're eating.

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Many thanks for the explanation. Helpful as ever.  Regular smile Regular smile Regular smile

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