Give me some sad anime theme songs?

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I listen to a lot of anime opening and ending songs lately, most of them are sad, but that is not enough for me.
So, can you give me more?
If you are newbie like me, you can try these songs:
Hotaru – Fujita Maiko
Sayonara no natsu – Miho Kuroda
Yume Hanabi – Yuiko

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I only know one song which is this

[Deemo 2.0 memories] Fluquor 中日字幕【end】

and if you're interest in the story (on the song's background) watch this

DEEMO~ラスト・リサイタル~ Movie

it's a sad animation with no speaking sound, only instrumental piano. Some of my friends cry because of it.

Hope you enjoy!

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I don't know any anime, sorry, but you can find plenty of songs related to them here: /

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Pokemon's theme.

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