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Some great member made a Romanization of this Japanese song, but I found that this might not be accurate. So, can anybody download this song, listen to the song in question, and make corrections?

小さな手 (Chiisana te) by Prits is a very old seiyuu unit song. It is very rare, even in Japan, by the way.

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The lyrics match the official lyrics I've found, so I'm not worried about whether the lyrics themselves are correct. In terms of errors, there are only two (and those are just small typos).

小さな体で 大きな木登る すりむいたおでこ キスしてあげる
Chiisana karada de ookina ki noboru urimuita odeko kisushiteageru

In this line, he forgot the "s" in "surimuita."

2人が 笑うだけで
futarii ga warau dake de

Here, he added an extra "i" to "futari."

I didn't see any other others. The way he splits up words and capitalizes the beginnings of lines is pretty inconsistent though. If anything, I'd say that's the bigger issue that needs fixing. The only other catch is whether 行こう is meant to be "ikou" or "yukou." But, to be perfectly honest, even the Japanese people who add furigana above the characters don't really care that much about that little subtlety.

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