[SOLVED] A phantom's many (or single?) faces

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Hey there!
There's this song I've wanted to translate for quite some time... But the thing is, I don't really know how to translate the title.
It's called "怪人一面相".
Now, I know "怪人" in this context could be translated as "phantom" (since the album's theme is based on The Phantom Of The Opera), and that "面相" could mean "face", as in, expression or visage. And there's also the 一. I've thought it could be something like "The Phantom with a Single Face", or "Phantom's Only Face"... Or maybe it means that said face is only one of the phantom's many expressions. I'm not sure at all.
Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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He is an allusion to a main character (a villain) in an old Japanese novel series, namely "the fiend with twenty faces."

So he could be called (translated as) "the fiend with one face."

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... Now, that was something I didn't know.
Thanks a lot for the clarification! It all makes sense now.

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