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Hi all! It's me again. I need help translating this sentence (or two or three). The third line is especially confusing.


Thanks a lot in advance, as always!

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For the first one:
a dislike for nano and micro (things?) "(I) feel uncomfortable (over) little things"(?) (might want to get someone to verify this one).

EDIT: it makes sense because the next line is:
小さい事でも七日必要なんです立ち直るのに > even small things need seven days' rest

For the third one:
荒療治 = to treat or do something very drastically
オール+飲み = all night (slang) = all night drinking
So something like: weekend荒療治ダチとオール飲み > all weekend (i) drank heavily with a friend/with friends(?)

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Adding to the above, you can then read the entire thing as a single cohesive idea.

嫌な気持ちはナノかミクロ => Bad feelings (worries, etc.), whether "nano" or "micro,
小さい事でも七日必要なんです立ち直るのに => Even the smallest things take seven days before one feels better, and yet,
weekend荒療治ダチとオール飲み => Drink all night with friends on the weekend as a desperate treatment.

Disregarding any other context in the song, I might translate the lines like this:

Even the most microscopic of problems,
Take at least seven days before you make a full recovery
Yet you choke them down on weekends at drinking parties.

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