Trouble finding Japanese Enka song. I have lyrics!

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Good day everyone! In episode 37 & 38 of the 1987 anime series "City Hunter" I found a peculiar enka piece that I fell in love with. Unfortunately, it was not composed for the series (making sure it wasn't released on the soundtracks) but was an actual song that existed at the time, and these are the only lyrics I can go by from the second verse.

よんで よんでも まだ さき が あり
Yo~nde, yondemo, mada saki ga ari

Tekki no chikara wo, anadooru maa (I think?)

I (sort of) recognise the voice as potentially belonging to Sachiko Kobayashi, but I could have misheard it.
I have a link to the episode if someone wants to use their trained ear, please contact me if that is the case. It's heard several times throghout these two episodes after all.

Thank you for the help!

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Could you post the link to the video as well as time markers for when the song is heard?

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I'll take a listen to it, but I did a search in Japanese and it wasn't promising. There have been some Japanese people who have asked about that song in those episodes but no one could find out who it is. Multiple websites list that enka song as "Unknown name/Unknown artist"...

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