[SOLVED] What does “Itsu darō ka saki darō ka”, “Ima yarō ka” and “Arukidasō ka” mean?

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Hello all, I encountered thses phrases in a song (Shooting star by JUNNA), and I'm not quite sure what they mean. Google translate offers “When will it be?“ and such, but other dictionaries are of no help. I suppose it's a colloquialism. The song is in English with the few Japanese bits written in uppercase rōmaji. Could I get some explanation, please?

You say “I TSU YA RO KA SA KI DA RO KA” all the time
You never know until you try
Why not “I MA YA RO KA
It's now or never
I move on

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Hi. These can be translated as follows:

"When should I do it? Should I put it off?"

Why not "do it right now? Why not make a start?"

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Now that makes sense. Thanks a bunch! Regular smile

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The "~ou/you" form of the verb that you're seeing here is what's known as the volitional form. It's often used to make structures like "let's [x]," "try to [x]," or "should I [x]?" (like in this case).

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