Japanese lyrics 092日は暮れ

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Hi, I'm looking for the Japanese hymn: 092日は暮れ

I don't know if anyone can help me find this.


I hunted on Google but didn't have any luck. I can't find a hymn titled 「日は暮れ」, although the phrase does appear in a couple other hymns, most notably 「主よみもとに近づかん」 (Nearer, My God, To Thee).

When I search for hymn 92, I find 「誉むべきかな我らの神」。

Do you have a source for the title you're looking for?


Thanks for the response.

It's number 092 in this list, the English version is 'abide with me'.

Apart from that, I'm afraid I don't have anything else to go by.
It may be fair to say it's not Japans most popular Christian hymn as I can't seem to find it anywhere.


Oh! So were you looking for a lyrics translation or the actual song? Because the lyrics seem to be on the page where the midi loads.


Can you see the lyrics?
For me, when it loads it just comes up with some sort of computer codes, like this:

If it loads alright for you, then I wonder if you could post it on here?
A translation into English and romaji would be fantastic too.


Sometimes it does that to me too, but I just make my browser get a move on and auto-detect the right encoding. Regular smile The hymn uses some archaic language, but I can give you a translation:


1.日は暮れ,闇は深く 慰めも助けなき
  その時に主よ,神よ われと共に居りたまえ

2.暗き闇迫り来て   喜びも消え行きぬ
  物,みな移り変わる 夕べも共に居りたまえ

3.常にわが求むるは  力強きみ神よ
  主のみわが導き手  われと共に居りたまえ


Hi wa Kure (The Day Has Come to an End)

1. Hi wa kure, yami wa fukaku nagusame mo tasuke naki
Sono toki ni Shu yo, Kami yo ware to tomo ni irita mae

(The day has come to an end, the darkness is deep, and doesn't help to comfort me...
This time the Lord, God, [his presence] is right here with me)

2. Kuraki yami serikite yorokobi mo kieyukinu
Mono, Mina* utsurikawaru yuube mo tomo ni irita mae

(The depressing darkness is looming, and even my joy has disappeared...
But, Christ changes this, and [his presence] is here with me this evening)

3. Towa ni waga motomuru wa chikarazuyokimi Kami yo
Shu no miwa ga michibikite ware to tomo ni irita mae

(Forevermore, I desire you, Almighty God...
The beauty & harmony of Christ is my guide, and [his presence] is right here with me)


*Just a note on this phrase: みな移り変わる (mina utsurikawaru). Because there is no particle present, and みな is written in kana, this could be saying two different things: "Christ changes [this/something/etc]" or "everything changes". As "mina" can mean both "Christ" and "everything/everyone", I can't be sure it's one or the other.


This is really appreciated, thanks very much!

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