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Can someone help me in translating these phrases into english please?

Thank you

嘘をつく子や いじめっ子には
みえない扉が あるのさ
キン肉マンに 笑われるよ
夢を失くした 子供なんて

Uso wo tsuku ko ya ijimekko ni wa
Mienai tobira ga aru no sa
Kinnikuman ni warawareru yo
Yume wo nakushita ko nante

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I'm not a native English speaker, nor do I have advanced knowledge of Japanese (I'm studying it on my own mainly through songs), so my translation may not be accurate or well sounding, but here's my attempt anyways:

In either a child telling a lie or in a bully
There's a door which can't be seen
In Kinnikuman every child who has lost its dreams
Gets laughed at

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My attempt, even though Nicholas gave the whole meaning of the thing:

To the lying or bully children
An invisible door opens
In Kinnikuman, children who have lost their dreams
Get laughed at

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Thanks man, I was having trouble with those phrases

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