Korean speakers? (Fluent/Native, no GT please)

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Hi, I have kind of a stupid but important to me question for all of you Korean speakers out there.

This line from 2NE1's song Go Away: 초라한 홀로가 아닌 화려한 솔로

I want to know if it actually means what all the online translations say it means. Something alone the lines of "not painfully alone but glamorously solo."

The reason I ask is because I really like this line and I want to get it as a tattoo. But there's kind of a bad stereotype with Americans getting tattoos in Asian languages having no idea what the phrase they're tattooing on themselves actually means.

Like I said, dumb question. But I'd appreciate any feeed back I can get.

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Hello! The above phrase means " not a miserable loner but a glamorous solo"

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Thank you! That's pretty much the same as what I thought it meant!

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You're welcome!!

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