Large amount of Japanese song requests unfulfilled

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I just wanted to inform everybody that I have a large amount of Japanese song requests that have not been fulfilled for a couple of years and while over time they are being fulfilled it's at a VERY slow pace. as of right now I have 143 requests with no translation attempts.

I know everybody has other life obligations to fulfill but it makes me wonder why there are no translation attempts for many of the songs I requested. I have noticed for some of the really popular Japanese artists many people have completed translation for it. But as for some of the Japanese musics artists I request are not as well known.

Am I doing anything wrong that is preventing people from attempting to translate my requests? I would really appreciate it if any of you can contribute your time to help me with my requests.

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The thing is that there aren't many people who can translate from Japanese to other languages and the ones who can will translate the songs they want not requests.

I would suggest you to find a member who speaks Japanese and ask him personally to help you.

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I see. thank you for your suggestion. That helps a lot. If anyone else has other suggestions I'll be happy to read.

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You can ask for help directly by sending a PM to one user who knows Japanese.

Here you can find those who are fluent in that language. Some of them are still active, they might help you.

Here you can also check who's a native Japanese speaker and who studied that language but may not be fluent in it.

This is all that can be done, rather than waiting.

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