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sometimes, when you look for a song video, the only file you can find is one featuring more than that specific song. i wonder if, when linking a video to the song lyrics, it would be possible to keep the link including that information about the exact time.

here [1] i added new song lyrics with a link to a video containing a short previous one, i tried to add a customised link [2] including the time, but it seems that it doesn't work. i bumped into more cases in the past, as that one including the whole album [3], not so important because the interesting song was the first one in the video.

i included the link pointing to the exact time in a comment and there it works perfectly.

to be honest i'm not sure if the amputation of that metainformation has something to do with antispam filters or any other care, but if it is not complicated to fix, it would be great.

not so important though



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It's not something that can be fixed easily, but we'll save it!

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no hurries, but thank you!

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