[SOLVED] Loch Lomond translated into Gàidhlig? [Somewhat urgent]

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Hi there! I've been trying to find a translation of the Scottish song "Loch Lomond" into Gàidhlig, without much success. Finally, I came here to post a translation request, and the site said to post the request in the forums if I didn't know the artist, so here I am.

My brother and I are going to put on a concert for our parents in a couple of weeks, and we're planning to do Loch Lomond. I really only need the chorus translated - I thought it would be cool to end with a chorus in Gàidhlig, and I'm reeeally not up to learning an entire song in Gàidhlig in just a couple of weeks. Confused smile

Any help is much appreciated!

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Welcome to LT!

Huh, that part of the FAQ you're referring to is pretty old, I wonder when last time someone came up with it.

Nowadays, if you don't know the artist, write "unknown artist (x)" into the artist field, with x being the English name of the language the song is written in, or put it to the folk-section of the culture in question if it's a traditional.

But the song already seems to have an entry: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/irishscottish-celticfolk-loch-lomond-lyri...
So please add your request there.

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OK, thank you! Regular smile I'll do that.

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