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Welcome to LyricsTranslate!

Whether you're a new user, intending to become a user or have been on the site for a while, we'd like to suggest that you:
1. Read the Website Rules page.
2. Read the Frequently Asked Question page.

But those pages are far too long sometimes, so just remember these main ones:


1. Filthy, offensive, and obscene language and images are prohibited on the site, including usernames and profile pictures. That also extends to offending people based on their nationality, sexual orientation, skin color, religious beliefs, political views, etc. This is a multicultural and multinational website, so respect comes always in first place. No insults are allowed, except for within lyrics.

2. Lyrics that contain serious hate messages, violence propaganda, racism and aggressive discrimination are prohibited.

3. Don't add machine translations. If any translations similar to Google Translate are found, they will be unpublished and you will be warned if you keep publishing translations of such quality. Machine-made transliterations are also not allowed.

4. If you add a translation you haven't done yourself, or if your translation is based on another translation, give a source.

Our staff consists of the following roles:
🟦 Editors
🟩 Moderators
🟧 Administrators

* All staff members will fall under a 'Retired' status after a period of inactivity and any previous access they had before will be disabled. Retired staff members can request this title if they wish to step down from their position or can ask to be placed as 'active' again as well.

* Staff members can and will be demoted of their position if and when the administrators believe and have proof that they're doing something they're not supposed to. Any complaints against a staff member is looked into, false accusations are taken into account by the user who made them.

* Just as all users have a sort of 'record' on them, so do the staff. Anything a staff member has done in the past is documented on both their record and all involved parties.

1. What is an Editor?
a. A staff member who assists by cleaning up pages (adding correct lyrics, working videos, reporting content to moderators, interpreters [on the behalf of another staff member or a user])

2. What they can do:
a. Edit Artist pages, Song pages (Adds correct lyrics, videos, album/featuring artists/also performed by artists, remove wrong information)

3. What they can't do:
a. Merge pages (Artist pages, Song pages, Idioms)
b. Unpublish any pages
c. Edit a page that has previously been edited by another Editor or a Moderator (and that staff member is native/fluent/has studied the language in which the page is in unless they too are native/fluent/has studied the language).
d. Edit the comments section (this includes deleting comments, hiding them or closing them)
e. Ban users or spammers

4. How do I contact an Editor?
a. Click here. To speak to a Editor of a specific language, select a language on the page.

5. What is a Moderator?
a. Support staff who respond to all inquiries, reports, complaints and intervenes when and where needed.

6. What they can do:
a. Edit pages [Artist / Song / Collections / Idioms / Requests (Translation/Transcription) / Threads ]
b. Unpublish [Artist / Song / Collections / Idioms / Requests (Translation/Transcription) / Comments / Threads]
c. Republish previously unpublished pages
d. Ban users (only spammers),
e. Remove / give authorship
f. Close comments section, unpublish comments, hide all comments.

7. What they can't do
a. Make changes to the site's interface
a1. However, a few Mods have been given credentials to translate the website interface. Here you'll find all users who work to make LT available into different languages. What we mean is that Mods aren't able to add/remove buttons and functionalities from menus.
b. Fix bugs / technical issues
c. Edit translations not made by them (exceptions: changes must be minor like changing a translation to the right language, capitalizing a title properly, reformatting to match the original lyrics if they have been changed recently, removing links that contain spam, advertising or content that violates the rules) and only if the user hasn't been active for a while and/or hasn't responded to a moderator's request (if their translation needs a source link, violates the rules or needs to be corrected).
d. Unpublish pages without letting a user know: the reason, how to amend it or offer assistance.
d1. We recently have been obliged to provide a reason to unpublish a page, else the tool won't let us do it. Reasons vary from duplicates to requests by translations's authors.
d2. There have been cases where lyrics and (more drastically) translations have been hidden from view with a message saying 'Lyrics removed on request of copyright holders'. This is not done by a Moderator, it's automatic and only Admins can do it. We unfortunately have no power to revert it.
d3. Course of action varies from Mod to Mod. In cases of stolen translations, a source is always provided to prove the translation was copied from somewhere, and as such the translation may or may not be unpublished.
e. Implement suggestions by users to the site.
e1. Moderators have a private room for them to discuss stuff related to the website, and that includes proposing suggestions given by users, up or downvoting them. It's up to the Admins to implement them or not based on technical difficulties.
f. Demote staff of their positions / Promote users to a position
f1. However, at times Admins contact the Mod team with suggestions of users that either promoted themselves or that have caught their eye (and Mods also give suggestions). The team, as a whole, debates on whether a given user should or should not be given a promotion (and that includes not only but also: time user has been around, languages user speaks, interactions with others, etc.). This works for Mods and Editors.
f2. Editors don't usually do that, but they can also vouch for possible new Editors in their own private room.
f3. There have been cases where a newly promoted Mod was an Editor, so in case you want to become a Mod a good start would be joining the Editor team to feel acquainted with the tools. Not mandatory, though.

8. How do I contact a Moderator?
a. Click here. Most Mods speak English at one level or another, but if you feel comfortable with talking to them in your language, just select a language in that page.

9. Who are Retired Mods/Editors?
If a staff member has been away/inactive for a long time (I think it's 6 months, but I'm not sure), they are automatically given the 'Retired' role. If user does come back to the website, this is reverted back to their former role. However, if an active staff member wants to take a temporary break from the team, they can ask Administration to give them a role change. They won't be able to use any Mod/Editor tools or use the private forums as such - so it's best if you do not contact them to talk about broken info etc. In the worst case scenario, Mods/Editors can step down from their positions as a whole and not become 'Retired' - becoming a Super Member at most again. Such has only happened a very few times.

10. What is an Administrator?
a. Individuals who run the site and the creators of LT
b. What they can do: Everything, including what Editors / Moderators do and what both can't do.

11. How do I contact an Administrator? Use the Contact us form.
a. Is this the same way to contact an Administrator if I disagree with an Editor / Moderator's actions/decision? Yes.

12. How do I become an Editor?
a. You can either nominate yourself by contacting an Administrator, contacting a Moderator or if the Administrators/Moderators nominate you. There is no guarantee that you'll become an Editor if you nominate yourself or if staff nominates you, a vote will be taken based on the following:
1. How active you are on the site (reporting duplicate pages, broken links, wrong lyrics/information)
2. Combination of languages spoken or if you speak a not so common language (in which we have 0 staff members like Japanese or Slovene)
3. How long you've been on the site
4. What contributions you've made (translations, annotations, solved requests, idioms etc.)
5. Your interactions with other users and staff

NOTE: It means that in case we have a single hint a user will cause trouble, even if they're reccomended, they won't be upvoted.

13. How do I become a Moderator?
a. Users cannot nominate themselves for this role unless the Administrators give out that role for a specific reason (you are native/fluent in a language or languages that we have either 0 moderators in or inactive ones).
b. Other Moderators will vote for your promotion (if you're already an Editor though).

14. How do I become an Administrator?
a. This position is not open to the public: Regular users (of all roles), Editors, Moderators.

15. English isn't my native language, I need help from a staff member.
a. Click here

16. How do I report a staff member if I don't agree with their decision?
a. Contact an Administrator but be prepared with the following:
→ What the disagreement is about (a rule, something being unpublished etc.)
→ If you were told why something was done (a translation unpublished, authorship taken away etc.)
b. Making false reports have consequences in the long run, if you have a history of doing this you will be less likely if not at all considered for any staff positions.

* These are issues that have been brought up by users in the past and I will go ahead and explain as best I can as to what led to each decision:


Any time a moderator does anything, it is recorded into an 'Actions log'. Why? accountability. We are held accountable for anything we do, another moderator (and administrators) can look at what a moderator has been up to throughout the site. So if you accuse a particular moderator of something and no record of such a thing happening can be found, it would then be labeled as a false accusation. Actions can not be modified (deleted/edited) by anyone except the admins). This 'Actions log' also applies to all users on this site (including the admins). Here is a screenshot of what that log looks like.

1. My comments were deleted by a moderator, why?
→ Your comments violated the rules (read First rule), were spam or where not relevant to the translation/lyrics. Comments are never 'deleted', they are 'unpublished. 'Deleted' comments are gone forever, the admins would have to attempt to retrieve them but I'm unsure if they could. 'Unpublished' comments are not visible to users, only to the staff.

2. How do I know my comments weren't unpublished and were actually deleted?
→ We can take a screenshot and send it to you if you want to know. We screenshot all comments, in the past users have thought that if the comments didn't 'exist' they would have a case against the staff, now everything must be documented.

3. I disagree with a moderator's actions regardless, I believe they are abusing their powers.
→ If you believe this is the case, please contact the administrators but be very clear about what 'powers' they are abusing. Read this thread carefully and see if it is listed on this page on what a moderator can and can't do.

4. One specific moderator keeps popping up, I believe they are targeting me.
→ Moderators that are more familiar with particular users will be the first ones to intervene, as opposed to a moderator who has never had any interaction with a user in the past. Each moderator has a different way of approaching a situation but must be direct as to what the issue is and why they're intervening.
→ All moderators have access to the same 'reports' page, anything that gets reported (comments, pages etc.) can be looked into by a mod. If a user reports something to us by PM, we will look into it.

5. A moderator doesn't even speak my language and they're intervening.
→ If a moderator who speaks your native language isn't available at the time, another who is (and is familiar with you) will intervene. Later on, a moderator who does speak your native language will be asked to look into the issue. Also, Mods talk in private, so if they're unsure, they can ask for help or advice of their peers.
→ Not speaking the language of the discussion doesn't excuse you from breaking the rules, especially if you're very well known to the staff already.
→ Regardless of speaking or not a language, Moderators are allowed to intervene whenever they think it is needed - always saying what was/will be done in that situation.

6. So and so told me that moderators can do this and can do that, so there's got to be more that they can actually do.
→ Unless that person is an active moderator or a demoted one (which we've never had since this site has been created), 'so and so' has lied to you. If you wish for us to elaborate on something, feel free to send us a PM. We are only obliged to keep things private if it's about another user.