[SOLVED] Need help with 3 lines in Icelandic (Björk song)

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"Hann hrytur eins og hrútur
Svo ég festi ei blund á brá"
þad sagdi mér hún mamm' hans


"He's snorting like a ram
That's why I [...?...]"
That's what his mother told me

It's from Björk's "Ég veit ei hvað skal segja" and the only line I'm not sure how to translate.
Something like "that's why I tied a napkin around his neck"?
Any help is appreciated. Regular smile

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I'm not an Icelandic knower myself, but from what I see, LT has not many people who know Icelandic around.

Maybe it would be faster to give a look in the member list. It seems that some people familiarized with the language are still active:


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Thanks, good suggestion!

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You're welcome, hope you get your help Wink smile

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