[SOLVED] Need help with a Greek Transcription

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Hi, can someone give me a hand with this song - https://youtu.be/lwRQM7JrdWY?t=2m14s
The Greek part is not big and it starts at 2:14, I would greatly appreciate it if someone can transcribe it for me Regular smile
Thanks in advance!

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Έχεις τα μάτια, τα μάτια που λατρεύω
Την αγκαλιά που λαχταρώ
Έχεις, μωρό μου όλα όσα θέλω
Είσαι το άλλο μου μισό

You have the eyes, the eyes that I adore
The embrace I desire
Baby, you have all that I want
You are my other half

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Thanks a lot! Regular smile

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