Need help translating: "Non è dolor nel mondo" by Luca Marenzio (late Renaissance)

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I've been struggling to translate this Italian song from from the late 1500s into English. My translation is really clunky and probably wrong. I would appreciate some help. Thank you in advance!


Non è dolor nel mondo
Né nel più oscur-abisso e più profondo,
Par a quel d’un meschin servo d’Amore
Ch’in alta donna abbia locato il core.

Pasce l’alma dolente
Di speme, di speranza eternamente
Né d’altro sazia le sue foglie accese
Che d’un sol sguardo, una o due volte il mese.

E s’ella aprendo un riso
Gli volge a sorte e non ad arte il viso,
Reputa cortesia quel don che viene
Da puro caso e sé felice tiene.

E poi ch’ha speso il giorno
In girarsi a l’amato albergo intorno,
Passa la notte ragionando in vano
Col ritratto di lei che porta in mano.

Dunque lasciate, amanti,
Questo amor senza frutto e, da vacanti,
Amate donna tal, di cui possesso
Prender possiate e tenir sempre appresso.


There's no pain in the world
Neither in the darkest abyss and the deepest one,
Like that of a mean servant of Love
Who in (= for) a high woman has placed (his) heart.

Feeds - the sorrowful soul
Of hope, of hope eternally
Neither of anything else he satisfies his inflamed leaves (**)
Than with a single glance, once or twice a month.

And if she, opening a smile,
She turns to him by fate and not by art (= purpose) the (= her) face,
He considers a courtesy that gift which comes
By a pure chance and he keeps himself happy.

And then (= So when) he has spent his day
To turn around the beloved residence,
He passes his night reasoning in vain
With the portrait of her which he keeps in (his) hands.

Therefore abandon, oh lovers,
This fruitless love and, as vacants,
Love that woman, of which possession
You could get and (which you could) keep always close by.

(**) Line 7: Are you sure it is "foglie" = leaves (of a tree) and not "voglie" = desires ??

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