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How can I add new artists?
Special Problem: I want to add Plan B but there is already another artist called Plan B and he is not the one I mean.
I hope someone can help me Regular smile

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I put their music genre in parenthesis, I think that should let you add the artist you want for now but if that still doesn't work please tell us again.

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Thank you very much, now I got it.
I guess I should have added his genre too but his two albums are so different. Maybe you have an idea...


Are they from different countries? I had that problem with an artist, and I just added the countries to separate them:

Laura (Germany)
Laura (Estonia)

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Yes, I did something similar

Plan B (Puerto Rican Reggaeton duo)
Plan B (UK musician)

But now that you mention it, it looks better with just the country. I'll change it XD

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