Happy New Year to All

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& for those who celebrate the coming of the Son of God, Merry Christmas,

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Happy holidays (and all that good stuff) far and wide to all who celebrate it and to those who don't acknowledge it!

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The very best to you,

There are an infinite amount of reasons to be unhappy, to be upset, excluded, or feel let down.
In winter's shorter cold and grey days in some parts of the world, to feel depressed.
Sometimes it's good to remember that just being alive, to be cared for, to have a purpose is just enough.
Asking for anymore is more than anyone should ask for.

From good comes good. Walk beyond the bad. Those who have the least in their lives often recognize what is most important.
There needs to be no devout reason for be a good person. Nameless and ungilded good deeds will long outlast you.
So lose those things that bring defeat and sorrow even the hardest of times. It's the sad times that truly teach us to enjoy the good ones. Without them we would not truly appreciate those moments, those days.
In most all the cultures, religions in the world stars hold a significant meaning. Look up in the sky in the clear night and say at least "peace on earth, good will toward men". Know that at another soul far, far away looks up in meager mortality and also finds some renewing outlook on life and living.

Life's great secret... We live for each other, not ourselves. A kind heart and patient words sing of humanity.
When I look up at the stars on clear nights, I will hope you're smiling... and then perhaps everything, everyday through joys and troubles will be 'looking up'. Though afar apart we all have the same hopes and dreams.

To all, always, the very best. Wink smile

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This was simply wonderful. Thanks!
Warmest regards to you and all!

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Hi, folks,

Passing by to wish to all of you a happy holiday season - for those who celebrate or not. Let 2019 be an year of peace, success, wealth, health, respect and tolerance.

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Thank you. You too.

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Happiest new year ! Regular smile I hope 2019 will be a great year for all of us. Happy holidays ^^

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Nothing can separate us from His Love. God bless you!

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