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Hello, here are some more words and phrases that are left untranslated because they aren't in the translation interface:

Created by ... on ...
Registration (!) [on the front page]
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On the page: Create Collection:
User Collections
Item (in the form)
No Items added yet. Select a Item type and press a button below to add one.
Collapse (in the form) (?)
Show row weights
Hide row weights

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@Joutsenpoika: Please check now, lines have been added to the interface.

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Thank you. They are now reachable and translated.

Some more words/phrases:
This Item has been removed, press the button below to restore.
Warning: this content must be saved to reflect changes on this paragraph item.
Warning: this Item will actually be deleted when you press "Confirm Deletion" or "Save"!
Confirm Deletion
Item (at the top of the form)

Switch to plain text editor

"Registration" and "Community" still appear untranslated on the home page.

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Lines have been fixed. Not sure about "Item (at the top of the form)" though. Where exactly can it be found?

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Thank you.

On this page:

After clicking on "Add Collection Item", a form appears. At the top of it is "Item" (Fr: Élément).

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Thanks for the clarification, we now managed to work it out.

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Another batch of untranslated words and phrases. (When you have time.) Some of them were previously translated, but something seems not to work anymore.

Original spelling

I'm sorry to repeat things, but 'Registration' and 'Communty' still appear untranslated on the hompage when I'm not logged in.
Thanks in advance!

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@Joutsenpoika Fixed, thanks for the reminder.

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is it correct, that link here:
from code Stick to the artist name format that is already !artistslistlink
leads to the rules, but not to the artists list as code says?

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+ can you add lines for translation
Show row weights
Hide row weights
Re-order rows by numerical weight instead of dragging.
Message text
A forum topic is the initial post to a new discussion thread within a forum.

+ in profiles line
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New problem: on the French interface, on someone's profile, a text appears instead of the languages the person speaks natively, fluently and has studied.

The translations of some phrases seem to have disappeared:

Send message
Blocked users
Write new message
Tag this conversation
Apply tag

When blocking someone:
Separate multiple names with commas.
Block user
Enter the recipient, separate recipients with commas.

In messages:
Between you and @recipient
A message has been sent to @recipient

Add another item (below the song text when modifying a song)

When modifying one's profile:
Receive email notification for incoming private messages

Password strength

Locale settings

report vote

The private message has been sent to all the translators.


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Would it be possible to make the following strings available for translation?

  • the Getting Started tab header
  • the More information about text formats link and everything on the page it leads to
  • the Switch to rich text editor button
  • the Add a footnote and Video filter buttons in the rich text editor
  • all musical genres
  • the Comment header displayed when writing a new comment
  • the link button at the bottom of a forum post

I have also noticed, on several occassions, that a text string had disappeared affter it had been translated. Such is the case with the quote button and the Drafts page, for example. It happens quite often that I come across a mistranslation that I have no means of correcting, or that I come up with a way to improve an old translation of mine but have no way of doing so. The items seem to be getting removed at random. Is this done by accident or on purpose?

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I'd like to join to Imvisible's wishes Regular smile

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@Imvisible Most of the strings you listed have been updated.

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@lt, seems like some strings are missing:

■ Password strength:
■ To change the current user password, enter the new password in both fields.
■ Picture
■ Delete picture
■ Check this box to delete your current picture.
■ Homepage
■ General information about who you are, where you came from, and where you are going.
■ Describe your interests and hobbies. This section is for whole sentences, not tags.
■ - None - (in scrolling tab)
■ Show (in scrolling tab)
■ Hide (in scrolling tab)
■ Hide your badges from "About translator" block
■ Contact settings
■ Language settings
■ This account's default language for e-mails, and preferred language for site presentation.
■ Time zone
■ Localization client
■ Hide on-page translation from you (What is it btw?)
■ LT Moderation Node Status Change
■ Facebook Small Block
■ Top 10 Artists Block
■ Facebook Block, front page
■ Popular Countries
■ Popular Genres
■ Trending Now

■ Arabic language
■ Chinese language
■ English language
■ French language
■ German language
■ Greek language
■ Hebrew language
■ Iranian languages
■ Italian language
■ Japanese language
■ Nordic countries languages
■ Romanian languages
■ Slavic languages
■ Spanish language
■ Turkish language
■ Other Languages
■ Speaking and learning languages using lyrics translations.
■ General language discussions
■ Discussions for languages which don't have dedicated forums yet.
■ News & events
■ Read and share news from languages and translation world.
■ Moderators Room
■ Editors Room
■ Report a problem, ask a question
■ Web site suggestions, bugs / problems, news
■ Hello, I'm new!
■ Here new members may introduce themselves, ask questions and meet others.
■ Members Only
■ This forum is visible for members only.
■ lyricstranslate on Facebook
■ General discussions
■ Song Meanings
■ Updates
■ New features or changes made to the site
■ Suggestions
■ Make suggestions that you feel would improve the site
■ Report a problem
■ Report any issues with the site or errors you may receive
■ Report a page
■ Report issues with pages/translations/links

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@Geheiligt Thanks. Most of the profile strings have been added. Forum lines can't be translated at the moment, they will be added later.