[SOLVED] REQUEST - Einar Selvik Drenglynda Skáldid - The Steadfast Skald

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Drenglynda Skáldid - The Steadfast Skald

It has been a while since this song was published, however, there is not a letter of it, or, at least, I haven't found it, and it seems to me a good song that went unnoticed compared to the others published (which do have lyrics) from Assasin's Creed Valhalla. Could someone write its corresponding lyrics in Old Norse and at the same time its translation in the language that suits you best?

I wrote lyrics to try to guide me in my out-of-tune songs, because I really like the song, but it's completely imprecise because I don't know anything about Old Norse.

Hein dróttin helger ótan
loifildir andek finna
erlik ragnim ronnum
mil kast murrim frygkja
trérvask tyggjar tyrrum
tvjelhim skoldim lek valdryj
fylk lék flók finn stígli
fekler ák germer geilhir

Ero bergjast aklar
i bon lek sé hverfor

Thanks for read.

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