Help with some possible mistakes in lyrics

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So I recently uploaded the song Du Kommer Ångra Det Här by Uno Svenningsson to this site, and the lyrics I found online were a mess so I had to fix them by ear.
I've mostly got it except for the chorus:

Att vingarna är längre där
Du kommer ångra ångra det här
När isarna glider isär
Du kommer ångra ångra det här

The "att vingarna ej längre bär" is what I hear when I listen to it, which makes more sense imo. But the lyrics I found say "att vingarna är längre där," as above.
I guess I just need an opinion from a native speaker or someone with better hearing comprehension than me.

The page is already up on the site, but here's the video

And here's the lyrics if you wanna proofread the rest of it