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Qualcuno può tradurre per favore dall'Occitano:
Soscas-i, ma polideta,
çò que sèm a viure
es mai qu'una amoreta d'amoras
amb ieu, per que sigues aürosa
pòdes pas partir!
Si tratta di frasi prese dalla canzone "Teu soi perdut ..."

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En español la traducción es más similar a la letra original:

[Ponte a] pensar, mi querida
lo que es la vivir,
es más que un capricho de amor1
conmigo, para que sigas [siendo] feliz
no puedes partir!

EDIT: I assume you mean to this song:

A quick translation then: (I hope this makes sense, I don't always grasp things completely in one language more than the other, so at times it takes me a while before they stop conflicting with each other).

Think, my dear
on what it is to live,
it's more than just a fancy [in the matters] of love,
with me, in order to remain happy
you mustn't leave me!

  • 1. lit. 'un capricho de amores'
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Dear Phantasmagoria,
You are right (I haven't been clear enough). The song is exactly
Thanks to your suggestion in Spanish and English I managed to give a sense to the sentences I still had doubt about.
By the way I leave the request for a review by someone who is fond of Occitan language and knows it better than I do...
Thank you for your kind help

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