[SOLVED] Please translate lyrics - With the Turkish language into English

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i am not so good Regular smile
but i am not fear to speak or say it
i dont can promise to i be do it that Sad smile

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It wouldn't make sense. First you'll need to learn English, so please don't do it and don't try to force me to unpublish your work. It's not needed.

Please do what you were told and stop commenting or you'll force me to ban you straight away.

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you are threatening me
you have this right ?
you make one mistake
at you jealous and now try fint one good excuse
the only to i can pdit is report you in admin
and if i be have right with my prove i be take back my account
if not please dont deal me and bother me any more please

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@xristos.12. - Please stop arguing with the mods in every topic, you will get banned permanently the next time.

Neither he, nor any of the others is threatening you or is jealous, or does whatever you try to look innocent with. You were told something by a few people, you refused to follow the rules, you were banned - end of the story.

As it's said in the Rules, if you're not happy with the actions of any of us, go and complain to the admins.

(Sorry for the spam in your topic, Kicia)

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Hey, the second to last is done. It's left only one translations to hit 300, so I wanted to make it a song I really like. maybe I'll translate the rest after translating 'the' song Regular smile Enjoy.

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Thank you very much for a song İki Çift Laf. I like it:)

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