[SOLVED] add source translation !!!

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Hi ! today i just want to left in silence but after all i found myself like a loser because i lost my time my work and my translation ;; i think i was stupid from the first when i left somebody edit my translation and put a source i even don't know about it ,, and if i will write the real source i will write translated by my grandfather cuz he who teach me polish .... some people here know that i have library for blind people to learn new language and translate many book since i was 13 by many different lang french dutch and sometime polish and.. and... and and by a huge number of page so how i can't translate 20 lines or less ;;and i make myself thief and joke for people , how dare you say that i stole or i should put add source .. i think this site ruined my picture in front of everyone my friends and people who trust me and the funny thing i think i wrote + 120 song by my hand so where is my songs that i wrote it Huh ?;; guys and i don't talk about poems i didn't write it and manyyy time i have said i will make a day just to put sources of them ......... if i want to steal songs i will not spend all my days here , right? and i will easily have + 2 million translation not in 16h i spend it here i write just 2 translation and have 60 drafts !! but what i know is "quality better than quantity" ......... i just what i want to say you should ask ,, you should be more polite than this;; sent pm or do anything but don't create something from your mind ! thanks

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Punctuation and format please. Unreadable.

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What l understand is that some members blamed you from "cheating" or fake translation and you insist you didn't do it. You can report it/them Anna, don't worry.
They must have proves from blaming you from something like this. Achampnator had the same problem l think. I cannot defend nobody because l don't know the truth, but if it is not true according to you, you should report them.

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I have checked our logs to understand what you said. From what I've seen, all the translations had reasons to be removed, per indicated via comment. You copied translations from elsewhere and didn't mention the source. So, they're stolen. You might have studied 20 languages from an early age before joining the website, but we have rules and you have to follow them.

Black Mamba wrote:

They must have proves from blaming you from something like this.

Links were even provided to prove us the source of her translations - and, surprise: they have no indication that Anna was their author. If Anna comes and mentions where she got her translations from, they might be republished. Unless you show us you added these translations elsewhere in the first place, of course.

Please refer to > for info.

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