Am I cursed ?

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Looks strange, but ny now, when I sometimes post a new translation, it doesn't appear on the list on the right of the screen (Site activity), although other translations posted by others at the same time do. So I work in the deepest shadow. I must be cursed.

Last example : (a few minutes ago).

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Oh Jadis,
you are not alone. Let's burn in hell together. Wink smile

I realized this before with some of my translations. It happenes on rare occasions - but sorry, I've got no explanaition, just some guesses.

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Me too, sometimes.

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ja, ich stimme dir zu!

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Could it be you first saved it as a draft and only later published it?


I seem to encounter similar problems sometimes, and I never use drafts.
But then again curse and damnation are my middle names.

I do leave pages open for days on end though, but that should make no difference on the server side.

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Yes I noticed that too. So now when I am finished with some translation, I copy the text of the draft, open a new translation page, paste and publish.

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It's just happened to me.

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Happens all the time to me. When I realize my translation does not appear in the list, I keep a copy, remove the translation and re-publish it. Quand j'ai du temps à perdre !

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No, I published it right away...

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