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How has it come about that the English Lyrics to Amazing Grace (http://lyricstranslate.com/en/John-Newton-Amazing-Grace-lyrics.html) have been deleted on copyright grounds? The English lyrics were published in 1799 and the author, John Newton died in 1807, so they are certainly NOT in copyright. They have been public domain at least since 1877 (probably earlier - I don't think the post-mortem copyright period in English law was increased to 70 years that early). No-one appears to have objected to the video (which is still there on youtube and linked on this site) that displays these lyrics.

I imagine someone has complained about one of the translations and an admin person or a moderator has misunderstood and pulled the original lyrics.

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You're right, I just checked. But this would be something only the administrators would be able to do, even moderators can't revert it back if we wanted to. Both the original song and the one with verses added to it are public domain, so there isn't any copyright on them.

Both songs have been restored using other means:

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Thanks, Elyen

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