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Miss Pumpkin~
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I didn't know what to do so... here I am!

My problem is that I want to upload (and translate) a song from an artist named "ILYA" but she doesn't have a page yet. So I tried to create a new artist page but I couldn't because apparently there is another one with the same name.

This one: http://lyricstranslate.com/en/ilya-lyrics.html

What do I do?

Moderator sapiens sapiens
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In cases like these, we usually add a country tag to the artists names as to differ each of them.

As this ILYA comes from Russia (according to the info already added to the page), then artist name will be renamed ILYA (Russia). Please add the new artist, naming him following this: 'Artist name (country)'.

Miss Pumpkin~
Joined: 26.09.2017

Ok! Thank you so much for your help.

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