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I’ve got a little stuck with my inability to post my translation of a bilingual song into its main language. It just says “You can’t translate from Russian to Russian, use Transliteration instead”. But it isn’t a transliteration at all. Currently it is marked as a Russian → English translation. Is there any way to mark it as a Russian → Russian translation? These restrictions seem to me illogical for multi language songs. Is there any way to loose this inconvenience?

Here it is:

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The only way currently (even for us mods) is to re-categorize the original text, then move the translation into the right category, and then move the original text back into the right category.
I've now done so.
This option is not available to normal users, unless they added the lyrics themselves as well.
Also if you want to edit something these steps need to be repeated.
I already reported it before.

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Thanks! Well, if editing it is so complicated, I’ll edit it only in emergency. Regular smile
However, it’s a pity that bilingual songs require such interventions. I hope this will be fixed soon (along with translation requests).

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